Snoball is a social group buying site. Starting price is already less than regular. And it keeps dropping further for EVERYONE as more people buy and share.


Pay only $2 now.  Balance $3 charged after sale ends*. See details in Pricing below. 

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With Snoball, we all buy together and bring the price down for everyone. Everyone pays just 10% of the starting price to place the order. The price gets cheaper as more and more people buy. Everyone pays the same lowest price when the sale ends. The balance is charged based on the final price.
For example: A TV regular price is $1000. On Snoball, it goes on sale for 30 days. Starting price is $900. You just pay 10%, i.e., $90 and place your order. Lets say the price eventually dropped to $500 at the end of the sale. The balance amount of $410 is charged. Seller ships the TV to you.
For more information, see How It Works
One unit is One Thali item. Can redeem for one Thali item. Veg or non-veg, anytime (lunch or dinner), any day (weekdays or weekends), to-go pack or dine in.
Refer to Seller Info and Seller Instructions sections in General Info tab for more details
This retailer offers additional discount for early buyers (see table below). Additional discount is applied to the final price reached when the sale ends. In this case, if the final price of the unit reached is $5, and if yours is among the first 50 units purchased, you will get an additional discount of $1 on your unit. So, your final price is $4.
You only need to pay 10% of the starting price, or $2 min as initial payment to place your order. No sales tax or shipping charges will be charged during the initial payment. In this case, just pay $2.00 as your initial payment. You will get an email confirmation after your payment.
Final price is $6.00
Final price is whatever the price settled when the sale ends on Sept 14, 2018 or when all the units have been sold out. This is what everyone will pay. You will get an email about the final price reached after the sale ends.
Current price is $6.00
Note: Current price is based on the total units sold to date. Price will go down as more and more buyers start placing the order. Check this sale page regularly to see the current price dropping, and eventually reaching the lowest possible price offered by the seller, which is $5.
Sales Taxes: 8.25%
Shipping charges: Not applicable
Balance payment amount will be calculated after the sale ends on Sept 14, 2018 and the price is finalized. Balance amount is the final price minus your initial payment (10% of the starting price or $2 minimum). If your item is eligible for any additional discount, it will be deducted as well.
Balance amount will be charged to the same credit card used to make the initial payment. Please make sure your credit card is in good standing and the other details (address, expiration date, CVV code) are still valid. If not, contact us by emailing at and provide the correct details of the credit card that works. We will ask you to provide some information from your initial payment for verification purpose. We will make up to three attempts to charge the balance and will notify you via email after each unsuccessful attempt. If we cannot successfully charge your credit card after three attempts, you will forfeit your initial 10% payment and the item cannot be redeemed or shipped to you.
This is a 30 day sale
Sale started on August 10, 2018
Sale ends on Sept 14, 2018
First unit sold on August 10, 2018. Starting price $7
Unit 50 sold on September 14, 2018. Price dropped to $6
Sale ended on September 14, 2018
Total units sold 55. Final price $6
Valid (redeem) period started on Sept 16, 2018
Balance amount of $4 per unit ($6 final price minus $2 initial payment) plus applicable sales taxes charged on Sept 16, 2018. $1 additional discount applied to eligible units.
After the sale ends and we successfully charge the balance amount, you will receive a balance payment confirmation email from Snoball One Inc. It will contain the Receipt Number, Item Description and the balance amount charged. It is similar to the email you received when you made the initial payment. Item Description will be: BP: S-015 Sarigama Thali (Sept 16 – Feb 1). The balance amount is usually charged within one or two days after the sale ends, and you will receive email shortly after that. 
Simply show this balance payment confirmation email to the store to redeem our purchase. Make sure the receipt in the email contains the Item Description exactly as shown above. The store will ask you to provide the receipt number in the email. They may ask for additional information to verify your purchase such as the credit card used to make the purchase and/or your drivers license.
You can redeem only after sale ends and balance amount is charged successfully, and during the valid period shown below.
Valid only from September 16, 2018 to February 1, 2019.
Not valid before September 16, 2018 and after February 1, 2019.
If there are any issues with redeeming your purchase with the retailers (ex: your did not receive the item, received a damaged or wrong item, report to us with in 7 days. We will contact the retailer and withhold payment to the seller until this is resolved. You can report to us by emailing at and provide your purchase details. We will do our best to resolve any issues. We will refund your money if we cannot resolve the issue.
Sarigama Indian Cafe & Supermarket
5427 N MacArthur Blvd
Irving, TX 75038
Ph: (972) 853-8803
You can buy as many units as you wish. And redeem them all at the same time or separately at multiples times according to your convenience. This is a great way to buy for very cheap and use them for daily lunch and dinner for you and your family and friends for more than 4 months. Or you can use them to order catering for your next party (Restaurant may charge additional fee for catering delivery service).
This seller’s lowest price on Snoball is: $5
This seller’s regular price is: $11
You can cancel your initial 10% payment anytime until 5 days before the sale ends as long as the sale is still in Tier 1 pricing. We will issue a full refund. You cannot cancel once the sale has crossed Tier 1 to Tier 2 or other lower tiers. You can however, contact the seller for any refunds or returns after the product/service has been delivered (see Return & Exchange Policy in the next section). 
Return and Exchange Policy on any sale item is as determined and provided by the seller. Snoball does not control or manage the return policy or the return and replacement of items. You must also read and understand the return policy provided by that seller for that sale item. 
Refer to Cancellation Policy and Return & Exchange Policy above. Also refer to the “Terms of Service”. Read and clearly understand all the terms and conditions before you make this purchase.
Please share this sale with your friends whether you are interested in purchasing it or not. And help bring the price down for you and everyone. You can share on your favorite social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.). Some of them are provided by the “Buy” button above. Or please copy link to this sale page provided below and share via email or text (phone number, WhatsApp etc.). Or just call and tell them about this sale item on Snoball the good old fashion way.
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